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Brexit Yes!


Next month on June 23, British voters will decide if the United Kingdom remains in the European Union (EU) or decides to leave this vast, cumbersome, and pretentious supranational bureaucracy. The European Union, was initially formed as the European Economic Community in 1957 to facilitate greater economic and political cooperation among Western European democratic nations in the aftermath of World War II’s carnage.  The United Kingdom initially wanted to join what became the EU but was rebuffed by the determined opposition of long-time French President Charles De Gaulle.

After DeGaulle’s departure from the French and European political scene in 1969, it became easier for Britain to be admitted to the EU which it was under Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath in 1973.  The EU has done some good facilitating economic development, international trade, and various forms of scientific and cultural cooperation between European countries and its membership now numbers 28 countries.

However, the EU, most vividly personified by Germany and its Prime Minister Angela Merkel and France and its President Francoise Hollande has become a secularist and supra nationalist political ideology which seeks to impose its will over the democratic sovereignty of European countries.  EU proponents promote the mythological idea of a United States of Europe when centuries of European History demonstrate that Europe is divided into multiple religious, linguistic, and ethnic groups who frequently do not see eye-to-eye.  Their is an elected European Parliament in Strasbourg, France which has no effective power and real power within the EU is exercised by an unelected and unaccountable commission in Brussels.  Significant portions of European countries taxes go to finance the EU’s operations when they could be better used to build up European militaries and security forces confronting a resurgent Russia and Islamist terrorism as well as domestic public policy issues.

On June 23, British voters will decide whether they will stay in the EU or  not.  As the founding father of international democracy, this is a wonderful opportunity for British voters to say that their Parliament and their national laws alone will determine what Britain’s national interests and public policy priorities are.  The potential British Exit (Brexit) has created some interesting fault lines in British politics.  Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and some of his governing colleagues favor Britain remaining in the EU.  These proponents fallaciously claim that apocalyptic consequences such as diminished prosperity and international clout will result if Britain leaves the EU.  President Obama, demonstrating his usual foolishness and love for hyper inflated government, urged Britons to support staying in the EU.  I’m pleased to say this intervention into domestic UK politics went down very poorly.  There are also pro-Brexit individuals in other British political parties including the Labour Party.

Other British Conservatives such as Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, and Priti Patel favor leaving the EU.  They cite that Britain now must accept practically all immigrants to the UK, regardless of their suitability or backgrounds into the country, warn about the EU’s abject failure to assimilate immigrants from Muslim countries, criticize the unaccountability, waste, and fraud in EU governance, and justifiably stress the need for Britain to govern itself and be governed by elected representatives instead of an unaccountable international organization.  Polls show the election results as being two close to call.

The UK will survive just fine if it leaves the EU.  A British Labour Party MP appearing on Fox New’s Special Report tonight noted that British trade with EU countries is far smaller than its trade with the global trading community.  It will still be able to negotiate free trade agreements with EU countries, British citizens and EU citizens will be able to freely travel to and from each other’s countries for business and pleasure,  individuals and organizations in these countries will still be able to engage in scientific and cultural collaboration, and Britain can gain better control of its borders against illegal immigration and potential terrorism.  British taxpayers will gain better control over how their tax money is spent and the assurance that decisions affecting British domestic and international priorities are made in London and not through an unaccountable and sclerotic Brussels-based bureaucracy.  National agility and national sovereignty will be restored to British domestic and international policymaking by a Brexit and Britain and other European countries in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will be able to take the steps they need to restore European military strength and domestic security structures unrestricted by the EU.  Brexit is an idea whose time has come!



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