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Hooray for Brexit!


After a month long sabbatical from blogging due to a wonderful Italian vacation and other activities, its time to get back into the bloggers drivers seat.   A few weeks ago, I used this forum to advocate that Britain exit the European Union.  I am so ecstatic that British voters followed this wisdom when they voted to do so on Thursday.  This is a wonderful demonstration by the British electorate that they intend to be the final arbiters over how to conduct their economic and social policy as well as their foreign and national security policy.  Instead of surrendering power to an incompetent, arrogant, and unaccountable supranational entity in Brussels, the British have decided to return to parliamentary supremacy and national sovereignty as the foundations of their government.

This vote will encourage other European Union countries who are frustrated by the EU’s arrogant and suffocatingly imperious rule to reclaim their national freedom and unique cultural and governmental traditions.  This is not a sign of racism or xenophobic as pro-EU apologists have proclaimed.  The Brexit vote is a sign that nations wish to reassert national sovereignty over their affairs and that their governance be done by people and institutions who are elected and regularly held accountable by their national electorates.  This vote is also a wonderful rebuke of Barack Obama for his stupid interference into the British electoral process and for supporting the failed statist experiment which the EU is.  Supporters of leaving the European Union actually seek to enhance cultural diversity by retaining their unique national traditions and sense of identity instead of falling into a mythical one size fits all European mold concocted by the delusional secularist ideologues of Brussels and Strasbourg.  We must remember that Europe is a geographical concept instead of a coherent political and ideological entity.

Britain has been part of the EU for four decades.  Any withdrawal from an addiction, be it drugs. alcohol, or to a supranational organization, will be painful at times as yesterday’s stock market plunges demonstrate.  The markets will recover in time and with prudent fiscal planning by British government and business leaders fiscal equilibrium will be restored.  I would encourage readers to support British goods and services in the foreseeable future since the pound has experienced some slippage.  Last night, I did my part by ordering some books from Oxford University’s Bodelian Library shop and there are plenty of opportunities to support British business such as the British Amazon, department stores like Harrods, Selfridges (for those who enjoyed the recent PBS Masterpiece Theater series on PBS), and numerous other sellers with an international presence and impact. In fact, I argue it’s the patriotic duty of Americans to support British business as the UK begins adjusting to a post-EU life.  This would also be a good time to travel to Britain if you’re able to.

We must not forget that Britain is the world’s 5th largest economy and that British enterprise such as companies like the British East India Company and Hudson’s Bay Company spread London’s commercial and political influence all over the world.  In fact, at its peak, the British Empire controlled 1/4 of the world’s surface and population and was a great force for good.  Britain will be able to negotiate bilateral trade agreements with EU countries which will be more flexible and more beneficial to British interest in the long run than extant EU agreements.  Exiting from EU shackles, gives Britain the opportunity to negotiate individual bilateral trade agreements with countries in the growing Asia/Pacific region which has become the fulcrum of international economic growth.  If our presidential administration had any since, we should invite Britain to join the North American Free Trade Agreement and rename it to the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement.

Money that Britain has sent to the EU, without getting sufficient financial return, can be used for more productive purposes such as investing in creating new jobs for the British economy, funding increased military and security spending to confront the emerging threats from ISIS and a resurgent Russia, and, most importantly, be returned to British taxpayers to save, spend, or invest as they choose.  Contrary to the fear mongering of those supporting Britain remaining in the EU, Britain’s security situation will improve.  It is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) whose member countries are responsible for European Security.  The EU has been a pathetic joke as a security organization.  British security agencies will still cooperate with their EU national counterpart organizations and being free from Brussels sclerotic bureaucracy will give London the freedom and flexibility to regulate immigration levels in ways beneficial to Britain’s national interest.

Soon to be outgoing British Prime Minister David Cameron accomplished some good things in reforming the British economy, education, social welfare, and producing a good defense white paper late last year which will, hopefully, enhance British national security capabilities.  Sadly, like so many other European leaders before him, he succumbed to the myth that the remaining in the failed European Union was the only option Britain had.  Cameron’s record is also grievously flawed by his government’s embrace and adoption of same sex marriage.  Real conservatives support maintaining traditional family norms instead of pandering to the chattering secularist cognoscenti in hopes of gaining their approval.  Cameron deserves credit for bringing the Conservatives back to power after 13 years of exile between 1997-2010.  His overall historical record legacy will be mixed.

It remains to be seen if Boris Johnson will become the next British Prime Minister or if it will be someone else in the British Conservative Party.  An interesting sign that EU skeptics were not “grumpy whites” was the critical role played in this campaign by Employment Minister Priti Patel who is of Indian ancestry.  Britain is more multiracial than some superficial American commentators have recognized.  Many of these immigrants to Britain have successfully assimilated and become productive and valued members of British society.  They have seen and experienced the frustrations of EU bureaucracy and this has caused them to recognize how important it is for Britain to retain its national sovereignty and national economic agility.   On the other hand, the insufferably insolent arrogance of the EU apparatchiks is being reflected in an online petition drive to reverse the Brexit vote result and have another election.  Take your electoral defeat medicine like a man EU acolytes.

The Brexit vote also has relevance for the U.S. election.  For to long, leftist and generally secularist elites, have sought to sell a vision that supranational governance is the proper way to govern societies.  The failure of establishment parties on both sides of the political spectrum, moral decline, and economic stagnation, has been reflected in the rise of anti-establishment parties and personalities throughout the U.S. and Europe.  These parties and personalities have strengths and weaknesses and it remains to be seen how effectively they will govern if they are given the opportunity to do so.  What is clear is that the post-World War II European idyll of multinational and unaccountable collective socialist oriented government is collapsing amidst economic and social stagnation and the failure to address genuine popular concerns about societal cohesion and national identity.  This is an opportunity for anti-establishment leaders and political movements in the U.S. and Western Europe to restore free market economics, strong, flexible, and coherent national security policies, and Judeo-Christian compatible social policies as the only historically proven ways to reinvigorate national polities and economies.



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