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Cowardly Comey and the Power of Corruption


FBI Director James Comey’s defenders said he was a man of integrity and a straight arrow. Yesterday, however, he took the course of least resistance and moral cowardice and refused to indict Hillary Clinton for illegally using a home brew server to send the most sensitive emails during her tenure as Secretary of State.  The unauthorized use of classified information is a serious criminal and national security offense.  Individuals as diverse as Bradley Manning, John Deutsch, and David Petraeus have faced legal sanction and imprisonment for this offense.  However, under acute pressure from the  thoroughly corrupt Obama Administration, James Comey caved and decided not to indict the  imperious termagant who thinks she’s above the law.

If any one of us made unauthorized use of sensitive national security information, we would be prosecuted and punished with utmost severity.  However, in the Obama Administration they protect their own no matter how corrupt or criminal.  When Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently met former President Bill Clinton for half an hour in a Phoenix airport plane, you know this was the business being discussed.  I am not an expert in legal ethics, but I know that America’s alleged top lawyer does not meet with the husband of the target of a Justice Department investigation while that investigation is ongoing.  However, the Clinton, Lynch, and Obama’s of this world and their corrupt condottieris think the laws and rules don’t apply to them.  They have no hesitation in running roughshod over those opposing them and subverting the moral roots of law on which our civilization depends.

Comey did mention Hillary Clinton’s carelessness in handling classified information, but stuck his head between his legs when the chance came to administer justice and indict Hillary Clinton.  Being FBI director requires the courage to make tough decisions and Comey buckled under the pressure by choosing the course of least resistance as is common with cowards.  There was ample evidence to prosecute and convict Hillary Clinton for violating numerous federal laws on handling classified information.  I would have been honored to serve on such a jury.

This spineless decision shows how corrupt our Justice Department and law enforcement have become under the Obama-Clinton Administration.  Justifiably, many FBI agents are outraged that Hillary Clinton was not indicted.  Comey is to appear before the House Oversight and Reform tomorrow to explain his actions.  Democrats will praise him for his purported “professionalism and statesmanship.”  Republicans, such as Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz should pillory him and demand full and immediate public release of all documents involved in the FBI’s deliberations on this chase.  Congress should also pass resolution declaring Comey in contempt of Congress for refusing to indict Clinton.  The FBI’s failure of courage on this issue is the most damaging blow to this institution’s integrity and public image in my  lifetime.  Ideally, justice should be blind like the statue in the Justice Department headquarters.  Unfortunately, it is becoming a tool to protect networked and connected leftists no matter how severe their legal and moral transgressions.

This damage will only worsen if Hillary Clinton is elected.  It is probable we may see the FBI used as a tool by a Clinton Administration to target conservative enemies.  Power corrupts and this adage has been proven true during the Obama Administration.  Congress needs to punish Comey through the power of the purse by withholding his pension.  The failure to indict Clinton will encourage others who misuse classified information or sensitive information in other contexts to use Hillary Clinton’s case as a precedent on their behalf.

This is an opportunity for Trump’s campaign to educate Americans on the dangerous consequences of a crooked Hillary for our government and society at large.  May Trump and his running mate take advantage of this in a calculated, disciplined, and relentless manner.


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