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Fire Mike Pence’s Critics!


Just over a year ago when Indiana make a valiant but unsuccessful attempt to protect religious freedom in state law, Governor Mike Pence was the target of vicious evil from proponents of non-heterosexual lifestyles.  He was vilified with the usual pejoratives of “hate” and “bigot” from the proponents of leftist group identity politics.  The legislation which was passed only partially protects businesses who refuse to kowtow to the whims of litigious GLBT individuals and organizations.  The only complaint I have with Pence is that he was not more rhetorically smash mouth with these individuals.

Around this time, yard signs saying “Fire Mike Pence” emerged in more leftist neighborhoods.  Individuals placing these signs are highly like to be secularist dimwits and malcontent losers in many areas of life.  They are likely to expect the government to take care of their every single need every waking moment of their life.  Their probable mindset is to blame others for every misfortune they encounter or every societal ill instead of taking a cold hard look in the mirror.

Tonight, the nation will get to see and hear the real Mike Pence whom Hoosiers elected as their Governor and who has had an accomplished career in Congress.  Donald Trump has selected Pence to be his  Vice-Presidential running mate.  Even though I have significant disagreements with Trump, which I have expressed in this blog throughout this campaign, I am pleased he chose Pence as his running mate.  Pence will provide a steady and sobering mentorship to Trump in appealing to conservatives, Midwesterners, and others who want to see sound governance restored to our country after the disastrous years of Barack Obama and the continuing disaster a Hillary Clinton presidency will inevitably produce.

While Indiana’s economy is not perfect, it is one of the better performing state economies nationally.  Our unemployment rate is below 5% which will hopefully go lower and out state budget is in surplus and has been in surplus for a number of years.  Indiana taxpayers have experienced the largest tax cuts in our two centuries of statehood under Pence’s stewardship. You just have to cross our western state line and enter Illinois which has been in heavy debt for many years due to a spendthrift Democratic controlled legislature.  Indiana’s economy is doing well enough that the state has been able to fund significant transportation infrastructure projects including in the Lafayette-West Lafayette area where I live.  Even though these transportation projects can be a significant logistical inconvenience, I’m grateful to live in a state which has the funding and prudent planning foresight to take care of these vital needs.

Mike Pence is a man of deep and enduring Christian principles and conviction who will enable Trump, (if elected) to work effectively with Congress, governors, and officials and all levels of government to reform our economy to provide more opportunity, reign in reckless spending and unnecessary regulations, appoint constitutionalist judges, unswervingly support law enforcement personnel against nefarious criminal thugs like Black Lives Matter, make the price of illegal immigration to high, and stand firmly and decisively against emerging national security threats such as Islamist terrorism, Russian assertiveness, and Chinese pretensions to dominate the East and South China Seas.  Pence will demonstrate that conservatism is an aspirational ideology which seeks to enable people to reach their God given potential as self-supporting men and women who do not need the perpetual servitude of dependency on governmental largesse.

Mike Pence’s critics, in Indiana and elsewhere, will spend the remainder of this campaign showing the divisive, petulant, foolish, and morally corrupt knaves they are when they attack Pence and the GOP message.  It’s time to end the eight year error of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and restore conservative prudence and bold leadership to our nation. I look forward to seeing Mike Pence sworn in as Vice-President on January 20, 2017 and to seeing his critics weep and wail with absolute delight!

P.S. Pence’s acceptance speech was terrific.  It is sad the lead up to it was hampered by Ted Cruz’s committing political hari-kari with his refusal to endorse the GOP ticket.  All Cruz had to do was say he endorsed the GOP ticket or team without even mentioning Trump.  Unfortunately, he let hubris, narcissism, and Alinskyite demons get the best of him.



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