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Missionary Tim Sells His Soul to the Hellacious Hildebeast


Last week Virginia Senator Tim Kaine was selected by Hillary Clinton to become the Democratic Party’s Vice-Presidential candidate.  Kaine is currently a U.S. Senator from Virginia having served the Old Dominion since his election in 2012.  Prior to that, he was Governor of Virginia and Mayor of Richmond.  Democratic propaganda introducing him proclaimed that he had been a Catholic missionary and that he spoke Spanish.  It’s been ages since any positive mission of Christianity emanated from Democratic Party rhetoric, given the party’s total thrall to secularism as evidenced by its issue positions on abortion, sexuality, the environment, the economy, Islamist terrorism, illegal immigration, and any other issue in 2016’s American political spectrum.

As recently as 2005 when Kaine ran for Governor he proclaimed himself a conservative Democrat.  This now extinct species (political zoologists can argue when extinction actually occurred) held to Democratic redistributionist economic policies, but actually stood for a strong foreign policy and national defense and even defended the life of the unborn and the sanctity of marriage as an exclusive life long commitment between a man and a woman.  They even tended to be traditionalist Jews and Christians.  Those days are long gone!

Kaine may present a less obnoxious persona of the Democratic weltanschauung than Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Nancy Pelosi, or Hillary Clinton, but has transmogrified and “evolved” into a liberal Democrat.  No Democrat who makes it onto the party’s national ticket does so if he or she deviates from the secularist theologies of taxpayer subsidized abortion on demand, group identity politics such as the golden calf of GLBT “rights”,  pandering to Islamist prejudices as the party as done by its refusal to call Islamist terrorism for its religious origins,  obsequiously glorifying criminal thugs such as Black Lives Matter as occurred at last weeks Philadelphia convention, and openly letting the parents of a Muslim American soldier, who was tragically killed in Iraq in 20o4, glad handle for their cause with repeated television appearances by fallaciously claiming that Donald Trump does not understand the U.S. Constitution and is somehow inferior to their son because he has not experienced combat.

During his three years in the Senate, Tim Kaine’s lifetime senatorial voting ranking from the authoritative American Conservative Union (ACU) which documents how frequently or infrequently national and state legislators support ACU positions is zero.  A somewhat conservative Democratic could conceivably achieve a rating as low as the twenties or thirties according to ACU ratings and sell themselves to an incredulous public as being part of the now extinct conservative Democrat species.  Kaine’s zero ACU rating is so low that he ranks as more liberal than Democratic Senators Patty Murray (WA), Bernie Sanders (VT), Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), Harry Reid (NV), Al Franken (MN), Squaw Ellizabeth Warren (MA), and ALL other Democratic Senators.  Here’s the evidence.

It’s natural for presidential and vice-presidential candidates to have some difference of opinion on selected issues.  Kaine was picked by Hillary Clinton because he comes from the electorally important Commonwealth of Virginia and because he’s willing to  prostitute his moral integrity to be part of her plans to further weaken and ruin America domestically and  internationally.  A recent analysis of Kaine said he’s pro-life at home but becomes pro-abortion when he goes to work.  This is the same “line of thinking” followed by New York Governor Mario Cuomo in the 1980’s when he sanctimoniously proclaimed his personal opposition to abortion but did nothing to implement that “opposition” into policy because it went against Democratic Party orthodoxy.  Tim Kaine is the same kind of individual.  Hispanics and voters of other ethnic backgrounds should not be seduced by Kaine’s ability to speak Spanish as indication that he shares the moral values of Hispanics and other people who care about the moral decline America is experiencing.  Kaine is a willing part of the secularist Democrat establishment that seeks to tar and feather those opposing its philosophies and schemes as bigots and haters.  I look forward to seeing Mike Pence eviscerate him when the Vice-Presidential debate is held.  I also hope Trump shows enough message discipline and can demonstrate enough appeal to personal aspirations that the prospect of a Clinton-Kaine Administration is averted.



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