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Justice Department Report on Baltimore Police: Leftist Hypocrisy Enthroned


Earlier this week the Justice Department released a report on alleged misconduct by Baltimore’s police department.  This purported misconduct stemmed from an allegedly disproportionate number of police arrests being made of individuals who are Black.  The 2014 edition of the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey informs us that Baltimore’s estimated population was 622,271 while that community’s black population was 392,312 or 63%.  Even without the disproportionate number of crimes being committed by blacks due to family and moral breakdown, it is highly probable that a majority of police arrests in Baltimore would be directed at that city’s black population.

Yet, the Obama/Lynch/Clinton Justice Department, likely feeling pressure from the race hustling extortionists of Black Lives Matter and other group identity politics proponents in their electoral coalition, decided to launch an investigation with a predetermined outcome to mollify the feral mobs representing their electoral demographics.  The Baltimore Police Department, like many other large U.S. urban police forces, has probably made mistakes in its procedures.  However, the Justice Department conveniently forgets that police respond in areas where criminal activity occurs.  The best way to avoid attracting the negative attention and receiving negative outcomes from interactions with law enforcement personnel is living a law-abiding life.

We sadly live in a polarized environment which  noted Manhattan Institute scholar Heather MacDonald has described in her latest book  as a War On Cops.  Law enforcement personnel, besides confronting the everyday dangers of criminal bestiality, now must confront 24/7/365 social media with vigilante leftist citizens armed with video cameras hellbent on documenting every instance of alleged police misconduct without bothering to consider the context in which police conduct their work.  Movements like Black Lives Matter are inherently subversive and seek to break down law and order in order to achieve their satanic rage against a mythical institutional racism.

This problem is exacerbated in Baltimore by the fact that the “Rose City” has been governed by a single party Democratic leftist majority for nearly five decades.  This cabal has consciously allowed Baltimore’s economic and moral breakdown to continue in order to entrench itself in power.  It has gotten so bad that crusading leftist social justice warrior prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, angered by Freddie Gray’s death and seeking the opportunity to advance her political career, launched an abysmally disastrous prosecution against the six police officers who arrested Gray only to see four of them acquitted and charges dismissed due to the flimsiness of the case against them.  Ironically, it took a black judge to determine this prosecution was absolutely without merit.

Enter the Obama Administration, cut from the same ideological cloth as Baltimore’s incompetent and corrupt leaders.  Under the race baiting leadership of the President himself and Attorney Generals Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, the administration has followed Rahm Emmanuel’s admonition to “never let a crisis go to waste”  by engaging in a investigation that was destined to find lots of blindness in the eyes of the Baltimore Police Department while ignoring the ideological and legal procedural blindness in their own eyes.  The ultimate results are the law-abiding people of Baltimore are no safer from criminal violence or governmental corruption and that the race-baiting tactics of Obama’s Justice Department are likely to continue and accelerate in a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Under Bill Clinton’s presidency in 1994, significant crime control legislation was enacted which actually helped imprison more criminals and improved public safety.  Now Hillary Clinton, having totally genuflected before Black Lives Matter thugs and other criminal apologists, has gone all in for promoting criminal activity besides her own criminal behavior as Secretary of State and with the Clinton Foundation.  The rule of law has become an increasingly meaningless concept as our country continues descending into a maelstrom of leftist excuses and secularist moral breakdown.  The situation is likely to worsen as those of us who oppose this pandering to criminal behavior face the prospect of being targeted with prosecution for “hate speech”, “insensitivity,” “ethnocentrism”, “racism”, and other infantile rhetorical canards of the group identity politics agitators who are increasingly encouraged by the ineptitude of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.  What will it take to turn our country around from this morass?


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