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CENTCOM and Intelligence Politicization


During the Iraq War, congressional Democrats raised a righteous ruckus when President Bush’s Administration was charged with politicizing intelligence about Iraq’s military and weapons of mass destruction capabilities.  The mantra “he lied to go war” became an oracle of Democratic ideology.  Democrats even trotted out socialite Valerie Plame as a symbol of an alleged “intelligence operative” being outed for political purposes to further the Bush Administration’s allegedly nefarious narrative about Saddam Hussein’s regime threatening regional stability, being a supporter of Islamist terrorism, and needing to be overthrown.  Although Iraq’s WMD programs were not as far advanced as thought, it was still necessary to overthrow his regime and give the Iraqis a chance to better themselves and their lives.  Unfortunately, over a millennia of internecine Islamist sectarian hostility has prevented that from occurring.

A big example of this is the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) during the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Administration.  ISIS has had a catastrophic affect on Iraq and Syria and has even spread its tentacles into other areas of the Mideast and various European locales as recent terrorist attacks demonstrate.  The U.S. and some of its allies have launched and partially sustained a pin prick military campaign against ISIS.  Unfortunately, to annihilate organizations like ISIS you need to send in special operations forces and possibly conventional ground forces.

You also need to have accurate intelligence on this organization and your progress or lack of progress in destroying their capabilities.  U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) is the U.S. military entity charged with directing military operations against ISIS. CENTCOM’s area of responsibility encompasses Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries.  Unfortunately, it has allowed Obama-Clinton Administration delusions about ISIS to corrupt and politicize its intelligence analysis.  This is shown by  a recently released report by the House Intelligence, Armed Service, and Defense Appropriations Committees which conclusively demonstrates that CENTCOM has tried a “happy talk” approach to progress against ISIS instead of reflecting the difficulties we are having in destroying this force for evil.

Congressional Republicans and media organizations like Fox News are to be commended for bringing this dereliction of duty and misuse of intelligence to public knowledge.  Unfortunately, you hear nothing about this failure in the campaign rhetoric of Hillary Clinton and Democrats running for all levels of office from President down to dog catcher. This reflects a problem Democrats have with conducting national security policymaking and with proving trustworthy.  This latter factor was recently demonstrated when New Hampshire’s Democrat Governor Maggie Hassan, who is running for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by the resolute Kelly Ayotte, failed to answer three times whether she thought Hillary Clinton was honest and trustworthy when questioned by a CNN reporter.  If this had happened under a Mitt Romney presidency, Hillary Clinton and her media allies would have been howling to the skies in righteous indignation.  Under the delusional thrall of “president hope and change”after seven ½ disastrous years of national security policymaking, all they give is thunderous silence and striving to deflect public attention with group identity political rhetoric against Donald Trump.

Politicizing intelligence is dangerous regardless of which party initiates it.  The CENTCOM debacle is yet another reason why Democrats cannot be trusted with the presidency for the next four years.


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