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Trump’s Phoenix Immigration Speech


Donald Trump had a generally successful day earlier this week.  He had a constructive meeting with Mexico’s President then delivered a substantive immigration policy speech in Phoenix that same evening.  Trump looked reasonably presidential during his summit in Mexico City and stressed it was in the interest of both countries to work together to resolve problems like immigration and drug abuse.  Mexico’s President deserves credit for ignoring the petulant bleatings of Trump’s race-hustling critics to meet with him.  Our relationship with Mexico is of critical geopolitical importance and both countries must work toward achieving win-win results.

Trump’s speech properly stressed the achievements of Mexican-Americans within the U.S. and the dangers of illegal immigration.  ALL countries have the right to control who enters and remains in their countries and to have sovereignty over their borders.  Trump rightly stressed the need to build a wall as a means to stop human trafficking and the flow of illegal immigrants to the U.S.  He also stressed the importance of border security consisting of defenses in depth such as having Everify to make sure all workers in the U.S. are legally entitled to be in the country.  He also emphasized the dangers posed by illegal drugs to both of our countries and the imperative for U.S. immigration laws to be enforced fairly and consistently.  Trump’s denunciation of sanctuary cities is spot on and his having the relatives of individuals killed by illegal immigrants speak during his speech was a stroke of genius.  Illegal immigration has enduring and personal impacts that must be recognized by the commentariat and the American electorate.

Trump was hyperbolic in his belief that Mexico will pay for the wall.  However, his campaign rightly emphasized today that money seized from drug cartels could be a funding mechanism and I would go beyond this and look at money seized from other terrorist entities by the Treasury Department as a supplemental funding measure.  The only criticism I have of Trump’s speech is his continued attacking of the North American Free Trade Agreement.  The fact of the matter is that both of our countries need to expand our export markets and that it is economically impossible for the U.S. to have trade surpluses with other countries.  At the same time, we must more assertively negotiate trade agreements with other countries to ensure our products and services have equal access to the consumer and producer markets in these countries.

During political campaigns, it is periodically necessary for candidates to pragmatically adjust their rhetoric and strategy to enhance their appeal to voters beyond their core constituencies.  I believe Trump is in the process of accomplishing this.  He also could do his cause a world of good by urging underemployed Americans to take on the “menial” jobs various migrant laborers have taken such as farm labor in order to get started in the work force, begin building a stable employment history, and proving that Americans are willing to “get their hands dirty” to build the country.

Of course, my unbridled contempt for the race hustling critics of Trump’s immigration policies like Univision’s Jorge Ramos remains.  Those who disagree with unrestricted illegal immigration are not “racists,” “bigots,” or “haters.”  We are concerned with the social and economic cohesion of our country and desire that priority economic opportunities be given to U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.   We should also encourage Mexico and other Latin American countries which are the source of much illegal immigration to clean up the corruption in their countries and provide more economic and social opportunities for their citizens so they will not feel compelled to make dangerous journeys to the U.S.  Conversely, we must clean up our increasing corruption which has been spreading during the Obama and Clinton Administrations and stop our insatiable consumption of illicit drugs which fuels crime and endangers public safety while also funding drug cartels.  This will require us to reverse our idiotic predilection to legalize marijuana consumption and to not hold drug dealers and users accountable for their actions by releasing them from prison before they have FULLY served their sentences and become rehabilitated.

As a country, we must strive to attract the highest quality immigrants who have the skills necessary for a 21st century economy, who will assimilate into the mainstream of our society like earlier generations of U.S. immigrants, who will not bring the hatreds of their ancestral homelands to America,  who will live Jude0-Christian compatible moral lives, and not become dependent on finite governmental and non-governmental social assistance.  There are many signs that Donald Trump understands this and we should hope that ensuring weeks in this campaign will see him demonstrate this in his campaign speeches and policy pronouncements.  Goodness knows Hillary Clinton has no understanding of these inescapable realities.





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