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Proud to be a Deplorable


During a recent campaign ululation, her imperious majesty “Queen” Hillary declared that those of us against her were “deplorable.”  She then inserted the trite leftist euphemisms of racists, sexists, misogynists, homophobes, and Islamophobes to categorically describe all individuals refusing to genuflect before her presumed omniscience.  Hillary Clinton has no substantive intellectual ideas to present to the country and no moral credibility to  anchor her campaign thanks to her decades long record of political and moral transgressions.  So she pulls out the cliched rhetorical flourishes of leftist group identity politics to buttress her slipping poll ratings.

It’s an honor to be called deplorable because I adhere to Christian values, think such values are sound public policy, believe that marriage should be solely between one man and one woman, know that healthy heterosexual normative behavior is the foundation of societal growth and success, believe that the unborn should have constitutional protections, recognize the existential danger of Islamist terrorism to all civilization, and judge individuals by their personal behavior and moral character instead of lumping them into clusters of group identities deemed sacred and immutable by the preening leftist cognoscenti.

While I will always have reservations about Donald Trump, he is far superior to Hillary Clinton in understanding the American psyche and its yearning to regain national self-confidence.  Trump, in some respects, taps into a positive tradition followed by other western political leaders of seeking to encourage and inspire individuals who do not make up the self-appointed cognoscenti of bien pensant doctrine espoused by individuals in Washington, DC, New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and  San Francisco.  These individuals were called the silent majority by Richard Nixon, the forgotten people by Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies who lead his country from 1949-1966, the battlers described by Australian Prime Minister John Howard between 1996-2007, and the Little England worldview which played a critical role in leading the United Kingdom out of the European Union earlier this year.

These individuals represent all educational levels and religious perspectives.  They seek to work diligently, play by the rules, respect law enforcement personnel, judge people as individuals, detest personal pomposity, have the highest regard for their countries and national traditions, have sacrificed their blood and treasure to defend national freedoms,  and are good neighbors.  They know that evil is ever present in the world and must be fought against with all means available including personal firearms.  If Hillary Clinton considers them deplorable, then I’m proud to call myself deplorable!.

There are many ways in which Hillary Clinton is execrable.  From her lying about significant health problems while running for the most stressful job in the world, for her illicit use of an email server to transmit the nation’s most sensitive secrets while serving as Secretary of State, for remaining faithful to a philandering scoundrel of a “husband” so she could have access to political power and infinite money, for thinking that legal rules don’t apply to her, and for her imperious arrogance that presumes to know what’s best for all of us, she needs to be defeated and utterly disgraced.  It is a sad sign of our national condition, that we would seriously consider voting for this termagant after her multiple decades long career of corruption and incompetence.  The presidency is a sacred trust that must be earned by competence and merit and not a prize given out because you are of the “proper” race, gender, or sexual lifestyle choice in the warped leftist world view of group identity politics.  While Donald Trump has significant character flaws, he is a far superior individual to inherit presidential responsibilities than Hillary Clinton can ever dream of being.


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