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Hillary Clinton’s Implicit Bias Posturing


Donald Trump’s failures in the first debate, such as failing to attack Hillary Clinton on cybersecurity and his infantile clinging to leftist Latina publicity seeker and criminal accessory Alicia Machado have been enumerated to death.  What has received to little attention from the mainstream media has been Hillary Clinton’s endorsement of the leftist group identity and grievance politics myth of implicit bias.  This rhetorical euphemism claims that members of allegedly preferred racial groups are guilty of racism and multiple other ideological transgressions if we don’t grovel supinely at the altar of the perpetual group victim narrative of  leftist political ideology in 2016.

Hillary Clinton and her kindred spirits on the political and cultural left have used the rhetoric of perpetual grievance to reach and maintain political cultural power.  They seek to strengthen this power at all costs by lashing out and rhetorically crucifying those who seek to judge individuals by the content of their character instead of whether or not they are members of aggrieved ethnic groups,  gender, or the nonsensical construction of gender identity.  This situation will only worsen if Hillary Clinton comes to power.  We can see this in “hate speech” charges filed against those with the temerity to question the motives and the intellectual and moral fiber of the anointed arbiters of leftist secularist social norms.

This behavior has been reflected in Obama Administration Justice Department policy pronouncements which have excused the criminal behavior of thug organizations like Black Lives Matter, engaged in  political and legal vendettas against law enforcement personnel of all races  who, as part of their normal work responsibilities to protect the law-abiding citizens of their communities, have had to take violent action against criminals who all to often have been black.

It is amusing and frightening to see Hillary Clinton and the bien pensants of the political and cultural left denounce purported implicit bias and spout infantile drivel such as  institutional racism in their public pronouncements.  When she’s not trying to attack the multiple victims of her husband’s sexual predations or enjoying la dolce vita in raising money for the Clinton Foundation, Hillary and Bill reside in Chappaquidick, NY in highly affluent Westchester County.  According to the Census Bureau’s American Factfinder, this community’s population is 88.7% white.  So much for the Queen of Diversity!  I wonder if Hillary and Bill would be willing to put their money where their mouths are when it comes to their race hustling, and move to more demographically diverse and crime ridden locales such as portions of New York City, Washington, DC, New Orleans, Chicago, Los Angeles et. al. and give up their Secret Service protection or any kind of professional security protection.

If so, would she abandon her opposition to the 2nd Amendment and join the NRA if forced to live in the brutally Hobbesian neighborhoods created as a result of the Great Society Liberalism she has advocated her entire public life?  Would she develop a more realistic understanding of the breakdown of traditional two parent families caused by liberal policies, gain an appreciation of the economic stress experienced by individuals and families facing uncertain futures due to stringent government regulatory policies making it difficult for businesses to create and sustain good paying jobs, and would living outside the gated villages of privilege help her realize that federal regulations often make it to expensive for individuals and families to transport themselves to and from work and properly heat and cool their homes against nature’s mercurial climates?

If Hillary becomes President, we can expect repeated hectoring lectures from the termagant in chief about our “failures” to reach her “enlightened” standards of public thought, rhetoric, and debate.  We will be constantly shamed for being deplorables and barbarians unworthy to live in the dystopian and conflict ridden society she has sought to create since her first exposure to the excrable ideas of Saul Alinsky.  After all, elections have consequences.  Think about what it would be like to live under the unrelenting and omniscient scorn of Lady Macbeth once she’s ensconced in the Oval Office with all the presidency’s legal, administrative, and surveillance powers.  It will not be pleasant for us domestically or internationally.



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