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2016 Presidential Election: America Loses


This year’s presidential election has been one for the record books but in all the wrong ways.  The Democratic Party chose the unaccountable and preeningly arrogant, congenitally corrupt, defender of serial philandering husband Bill Clinton, and egregiously incompetent Hillary Clinton as its nominee.  My own Republican Party chose the hypersensitive, simplistic egomaniac, sexual predator, and ambulance chasing litigator Donald Trump as its nominee.  If only Mike Pence could be at the top of the ticket, there would be at least one bastion of morality and sanity at the top of the major presidential tickets.  Pothead Libertarian Gary Johnson, eco-zealot Jill Stein, and the previously obscure Evan McMullen don’t count in the presidential relevance sweepstakes..

Trump’s dreams are imploding in the midst of revelations of his crude behavior toward women and the sudden “miraculous” appearance of streams of women who claim to have been sexually harassed by Trump as much as 30 years ex post facto.  I will still vote for Trump, because he will have a far less damaging effect on our Republic than the modern day incarnation of Lady  Macbeth!  I do so because I admire Mike Pence and because some of Trump’s ideas on the 2nd Amendment, appointing strict constructionist judges, illegal immigration, and the danger of Islamist terrorism have merit even through Trump’s buffoonery.  Character matters and Republicans could and should have chosen Marco Rubio who represents a substantive and compelling alternative of effective governance in contrast to the depravity of Hillary  Clinton.  Sadly, simple-minded rhetorical bleating won out in my party.

Our country is inheriting the wind of moral decline which rejects our Judeo-Christian constitutional moorings for a secularist welfare state and cacophonies of victim glorifying groveling before the golden calves of diversity and inclusion and perpetual victim narratives.  Our leaders, reflecting our own narcissism in which we can’t lift ourselves from the latest text message, have let our national debt approach $20 trillion.  Neither Clinton nor Trump have made substantive proposals to reduce our deft and reduce the scope of our bloated leviathan of social spending.  Our moral decline is seeing individuals holding traditional moral views, particularly on subjects such as appropriate sexual behavior, targeted as allegedly reactionary bigots, who deserve to be drive out of the public square, whatever is considered polite society, and this mob mentality even extends to  family owned businesses who refuse to genuflect before the lavender GLBT mafia.

Internationally, we are facing the prospect of a new crisis in Yemen as an emboldened Iran, enriched by the U.S.’ idiotic transfer of over $100 billion as a result of the illusory nuclear agreement, is using its newly gained riches to support the rebellious Houthis in Yemen.  The Houthis recently fired on U.S. warships in the Red Sea and, fortunately, the Navy celebrated its 241st birthday by firing missiles to take out the radar sites the Houthis use to launch these attacks.  The situation in Yemen has not been helped by Saudi Arabia’s understandable, but brutally ineffective and inept, attempt to militarily defeat the Houthis.  Russia still is intent on wrecking geopolitical mischief and may even be attempting to influence the U.S. election results through cyber attack.  China and North Korea also remain dangerous actors capable of threatening and doing grievous damage to our economic and strategic interests.

Earlier this year, my wife and I had the opportunity to visit Rome.  We enjoyed the city’s modern and historical attractions.  We noted the ruins of the Roman Forum and the Colosseum and cannot help but be reminded that many of the factors prompting Rome’s fall, particularly moral turpitude and political corruption, are heavily present today.  Our country urgently requires a return to our Judeo-Christian founding principles if we are to stop the sinking ship.  The moral decline will continue and accelerate regardless of who “wins” the election, but it will advance exponentially if Hillary Clinton slinks into the Oval Office.  Nothing in her public career or personal life demonstrates that she has the ability to accept constructive advice from those daring to disagree with her sanctimonious arrogance.  Her administration will be stacked with sycophantic lickspittle toadies who will continue corrupting the courts and all other branches of the federal government.  Such perversions will continue seeping into all levels of our culture including our educational system, entertainment, and economic system.  If you think we experienced a serious economic calamity with the subprime induced mortgage crisis of 2008-2009, it will be nothing compared to the economic and other disasters which will afflict our country under a Clinton restoration.

We’re going to have to learn the lessons of history in the hardest possible way if present trends continue.  No amount of government spending, babbling about “better together”, or venerating diversity will enable us to cope with the social, economic, moral, and national security calamities which will occur in the days, weeks, months, and years after Hillary Clinton enters the Oval Office.  We will experience the rebirth of Tammany Hall and the Borgia/Clinton dynasty and the inevitable decline and ignominious collapse of what John Winthrop and later Ronald Reagan once called the shining city on the hill into a fetid cesspool of corruption, national weakness, and hyperbolic obsession with the perpetual victimization of group identity politics!



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