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What Happens If Hillary Wins


Donald Trump and Mike Pence have made progress in the polls, aided in part by the continuing revelations of Clintonian corruption from Wikileaks, the reopening of the FBI investigation of her emails,  and a noticeable lack of enthusiasm for her ticket from many liberal voters.  This stands in stark contrast to the rhapsodic enthusiasm shown toward Barack Obama by this low information community during 2008 and 2012.

Despite this encouraging development, Trump and Pence still remain behind in many polls and we could be looking at a reprise of the 2000 election night political cliffhanger.  We need to recognize that the  Clintonian camp will stop at nothing to ensure their termagant grasps the Oval Office and we must prepare to deal with the consequences if this happens.

We can first comfort ourselves with the reality that she will have no mandate to govern.  She will  just have succeeded in being less objectionable than Trump.  The House of Representatives is still likely to remain in Republican hands and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz has promised that Clinton is a target rich environment for investigation thanks to the blessings of subpoena authority.  It’s possible the Senate may regress to Democratic control, but only by a narrow margin.  Consequently, our old bugaboo of divided government will be with us yet again.  This is a recipe the Founding Fathers  intended to be the norm.

Besides facing the possibility of her brobdingnagian legal problems forcing an early end to her presidency, Hillary Clinton’s Administration will see continuing deterioration in our social, economic, and foreign policy/national security situation.  Social policy will see Clinton attempt to reinforce her abortionist proclivities by compelling health care providers to administer abortion on demand in every possible circumstance regardless of the litigation and moral scandal it causes.  Group identity politics will be reinforced as militant proponents of the GLBT philosophy will continually seek to coerce themselves into every cranny of American life.  Feral anarchist mobs will seek to restrict the power of law enforcement personnel to administer justice and our streets and communities will increasingly resemble scenes from war and crime plagued hell holes we see on our nightly news.  The full power of the legal and court system will be unleashed any individuals or organizations, regardless of their sectarian background, adhering to  traditional moral views on sexual behavior and a multiplicity of other topics.  This will come about through a federal judiciary that becomes increasingly top heavy with Obamaite and Clintonian judicial appointments.

Economic growth will continue to struggle and collapse.  Businesses will be so burdened with onerous taxes and regulations that they will be unable or unwilling to hire new workers let alone pay them competitive wages.  The federal budget deficit and national debt will rise as we continue what may be an inevitable march to a fiscal abyss which the world has not seen since the Great Depression.  The potential for economic growth will be further euthanized by confiscatory tax rates as Her Majesty Hillary may seek to go around Congress and the constitution by imposing various taxes through executive fiat.  Our entitlements problems will continue worsening as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid face existential days of reckoning in the next decade and a half if not sooner.

Unprecedented levels of corruption, not seen in world history since the days of the Borgia’s, will become the coin of the realm in the renascent Clintonian America.  This will affect both domestic and international policy as would be contributors to the U.S. will be required to pay briberous Danegeld to the Clinton Foundation or some other corrupt entity designated by Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea as the price for doing business with the U.S. Government.

Internationally, things will go from bad to worse.  Our poor economic performance under a President Hillary, may produce food shortages that will cause to resemble the Bolivarian socialist disaster of Venezuela and produce further societal strain and breakdown.  Emboldened Islamist terrorists are likely to engage in more direct assaults on innocent Americans resulting in blood tolls far exceeding Orlando’s Flash nightclub or San Bernadino.  It’s not beyond the realm of possibility to think these terrorists may succeed in acquiring some form of weapons of mass destruction.  They will not hesitate to use such weapons.  Yet, Hillary and holdover Obamaites will continue their thoroughly discredited mantra that this is caused by an amorphous extremism instead of religiously motivated Islamist terrorism.

Energized Russia under Vladimir Putin is likely to seek to continue probing the possibility of regaining Soviet territory in the Baltic Republics (even though they are now part of NATO) and gobbling up the rest of Ukraine.  He will also seek to reinforce his footprint in Syria as the Assad regime consolidates its hold over its war torn country.  Iran’s ayatollah’s will also continue supporting their brand of Islamist subversion into neighboring countries while also developing and potentially deploying their nascent nuclear weapons program thanks to the idiotic stupidity of the Obama Administration in reaching a “nuclear agreement” with this apocalyptic regime and giving it over $100 billion to carry out its ambitions.

The U.S. military will continue to suffer from reduced spending, aging equipment, and exhausted warriors needing high quality, sustained, and competent physical and mental health care which has languished during the Obama Administration.  We will be unable to confront the aforementioned enemies and newly emerging enemies such as China which is seeking to impose a mare nostrum dominance on the  East and South China Seas.  We also need to remember the six decade long threat of North Korea which is now nuclear armed.

The Obama Administration’s withdrawal from sustained and decisive international responsibility has not negative repercussions on our alliances.  The Philippines is currently cozying up to China in an effort to ameliorate its South China dispute with Beijing because we are against some excessive aspects of President Duterte’s attempt to crack down on the scourge of illegal drugs.  Allies such as Israel doubt our staying power in an increasingly Hobbesian international security environment thanks to the feckless incompetence of the Obama Administration.  Hillary Clinton was part and parcel of the seeds sowing this foreign policy and national security litany of failure.  The situation will only worsen if she makes it to the Oval Office.

This truly is a consequential election.  I have frequently criticized Donald Trump for his simplicity and sometimes for his crudeness.  However, Trump understands that we need strong, decisive, and sometimes ruthless leadership to cope with the domestic and international challenges we face.  Hillary Clinton’s corruption and incompetence are the last things our nation can afford in these fateful times.  While voting for Trump was far from my ideal choice, I did so last Saturday because I am a practical individual who seeks the best for America and its national interests and because the consequences of a Hillary Clinton presidency are to ghastly to contemplate for our social, domestic, and foreign/national security policies!



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