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Sic Semper Tyrannis Fidel Castro!


Today, we woke up to the joyful news that long-time Cuban Communist dictator Fidel Castro has died.  The militant atheist who was a leading player in the world communist movement for decade has stood in God’s presence and heard Jesus proclaim “Depart from me you accursed.”  His legacy is one of absolute ruin and disaster for Cubans and many sectors of the world community.    Pursuing his “sacred revolution”, Castro and his regime sent Cubans to fight and die in vain  in countries as far flung as Bolivia, Grenada, Nicaragua, Angola, Namibia, Ethiopia.  He created a police state that persecuted Christians and anyone who refused to genuflect before his Marxist-Leninist ideology.

Cuba remains an economic basket base ranking 67th on the United Nations Human Development Index behind countries such as Serbia, Bulgaria, and Belarus.  It has cars from the 1950s and has had to survive on subsidies from the former Soviet Union and Russian Federation, various leftist regimes, gullible leftist tourists, remittances sent from Cuban family members in the U.S.,  and Castro’s romantic mystique which even Barack Obama fell prey to by ending the U.S. economic embargo against Castro’s regime and restoring diplomatic relations without getting any improvement in human rights.  We must also not forget that Castro schemed with Soviet dictator Nikita Khruschev in 1962 to install nuclear missiles in Cuba which nearly brought the world to a nuclear war.  It’s Internet access is strictly regulated to avoid its individuals being “contaminated” by counterrevolutionary “propaganda” and ideas deviating from the Castroite norm.

Many leftists in the U.S. and internationally let themselves fall for the myth that Castro was some enlightened progressive who gave Cubans free health care and ruled an enlightened state.  The reality is otherwise as told is works such as Armando Vallardes seminal memoir Against All Hope and by the tens of thousands of Cubans who have risked their lives for decades to make dangerous trips across the ocean to reach Florida on less than seaworthy craft.  These individuals have frequently enriched our country including the families of U.S. Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.  Academe has been a particularly prominent residence for Castro’s toadies including a political science professor at the university where I work.  Even Midwestern farmers have fallen for Castro’s blarney foolishly convincing themselves that Cuba can become a major market for their grain and other agricultural products.

The unescapable reality is that Fidel Castro, his brother Raul, and the remaining caudillos in his regime are Marxist-Leninist thugs who have the innocent blood of tens of thousands on their hands over their nearly six decade long rule.  They have persecuted Christians, Afro-Cubans, and numerous other individuals such as the Women in White who have refused to prostitute themselves to his atheistic revolution.  While many world leaders, perhaps including our soon to be departed Barack Obama, will eulogize Castro  has some visionary revolutionary, the truth is out that he was a tyrant who is now paying eternally for his perfidy.

We can hope and pray that his death brings us closer to the demise of the Castro regime and that Cuba may one day experience the blessings of a freer governmental, economic, and social system and become a respected part of the international community.  One of Castro’s bloodthirsty compadres was Che Guevara who was killed fomenting revolution in Bolivia in 1967.  I would like to think that as Castro was slung to the lower rungs of hell that Guevara greeted him by saying:  “I’ve waited nearly half a century to tell you we made a BIG MISTAKE!”.  Castro also undoubtedly hear a similar refrain from his Bolivarian socialist amigo Hugo Chavez who his residing somewhere near Castro in the inferno and who has left behind a Venezuela writhing in starvation despite its abundant petroleum reserves which should make it a reasonably affluent country if it were prudently managed instead of engaging in anti-American infantilism.  Castro’s death should be a teachable moment for individuals and organizations with a romantic infatuation to the socialist and Marxist dystopia.  They don’t work and produce absolute disaster across the entire spectrum of human existence!



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