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Russian Election “Hacking”


Does Russia engage in cyber espionage and computer hacking against the U.S. and other countries?  Yes it does, as do countries as varied as China, North Korea, Iran, and numerous other nations states and individual “patriotic hackers” who desire to further their countries aspirations against real or perceived hostile nation states.

Did Russia “hack” into the 2016 U.S. election and defeat the liberals standard bearer Hillary Clinton whom they wanted to break the delusional presidential “glass ceiling?”  Absolutely, not!  It’s been a pathetic spectacle we’ve witnessed in recent days as the CIA, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and other dimwitted dingbats from the Democratic Party have come to the conclusion that Donald Trump’s victory and Hillary Clinton’s defeat in last month’s presidential election was not due to her manifest political and moral failings. Instead it was a nefarious serious of actions from Russian intelligence’s Special Communication Service, Julian Assange’s Wikileaks, and “patriotic hackers” who brought the Hildebeast to defeat.  Attention, world psychiatrists and psycotherapists!  You’ve got a very lucrative clientele awaiting you to treat them for their seriously rabid delusions.

The Clintonista refuseniks cling to the pathetic believe that a diabolical conspiracy from the malevolent Vladimir Putin lead produced Clinton’s loss and Trump’s win.  They actually think the CIA and other federal intelligence agencies have credible documentary evidence, which has not been produced, that will demonstrate that Russian cyber hackers, including hypothetical “patriotic hackers” like Oleg and Olga in Nizhni Nivgorod used their laptops to alter election returns in Wausau County, WI, Macomb County, MI, and Montgomery County, PA to tilt the election in these critical states to Trump.  Better keep chugging your Stolichnaya Vodka mates as you drown yourself in your utter stupidity!

Hillary Clinton lost because she was an arrogant and fatally corrupted candidate who vowed to put coal miners out of work, recklessly and illegally misused a home brew server to communicate the government’s most sensitive secrets and make them vulnerable to hacking, offered no credible or compelling alternative to the failed policies of Barack Obama, was a creature of absolute incompetence during her tenure as Secretary of State which saw the resurgence of Russia as a geopolitical power, and the ascendancy of America’s enemies in venues as varied as Tehran, Beijing, Pyongyang, Caracas, and Damascus.  Donald Trump, even with his significant flaws, successfully pointed out Clinton’s abysmal record and rode the electorate’s desire for quantitative and qualitative change to victory and GOP retention of control over the House and Senate.

The Obama Administration has had eight years to address the growing problem of cybersecurity and did nothing about it!  Instead, it promoted hyperbolic rhetoric about normal climate change, apologized for imaginary American foreign policy “sins,” sought to impose militantly secularist policies in areas such as abortion and sexual behavior on the entire nation, glorified racial division and criminal behavior, increased the size of the national debt, and diminished U.S. security in the world by refusing to confront the brutal reality of Islamist terrorism.

This manufactured scandal now has a modest number of Democratic electoral college members convinced they are entitled to an intelligence security briefing before they meet on Monday.  The fact that the CIA has backed out of a planned briefing to the House Intelligence Committee on this topic should tell you that there’s no “beef” behind the argument that the Russians hacked the election.  It also is an indication of how badly our intelligence agencies have been politicized during the Obama Administration that they refuse to testify before one of the committees which is legally authorized to oversee their operations.  These electoral college members do not even have the necessary security clearances to receive such an briefing.

It has also been humorous seeing some electoral college members, most of whom are probably avowed secularists, having a seance with Alexander Hamilton’s writings on presidential election procedures detailed in Federalist #68.  It is highly coercive and corruptive to the electoral process for petulant dimwits to presume to tell the electors of individual states that they should reject the electorate’s will and overturn the electoral votes giving Trump a 306-232 victory over Hillary Clinton.  It is also dangerous that some Republican electors have received physical threats for carrying out their legal duty to ratify the choice made by voters in their respective states.  It is especially sad the the Justice Department seems unwilling to prosecute and punish the Clintonista criminals who threaten Trump electors. That is how our electoral system works as it gives ALL STATES and the residents of these states the influence to determine who the President is instead of relying on the leftist bubbles of Boston, New York, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles et. al to determine who becomes the President.

Trump Derangement Syndrome needs to be listed as a new mental health disease in the International Classification of Diseases.  Its personal and social affects are very dangerous and it requires sustained and sometimes harsh treatment.  Donald Trump’s presidency will succeed or fail based on the policies he and his administration pursue.  His administration should vigorously work with Congress and the private sector to improve our commercial, governmental, military, and personal cybersecurity from malicious forces as much as possible.  We should also engage in effective retaliatory action against Russia and other cyber criminals without hesitation or regret.

Nevertheless, the irrevocable facts are that Donald Trump was duly elected President on November 8-9 WITHOUT cyber interference from Moscow and Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist 68 does not disqualify Donald Trump from becoming the 45th President of the United States! Proponents of this paranoid nonsense are pathetic crybabies  engaging in the “fake news” they so sanctimoniously accuse others of participating in.




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