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Government Book and Journal Recommendations


A variety of useful government information resources brought enlightenment, insight, and, in one particularly egregious case yesterday hideousness.  A very desirable feature of the incoming Trump Administration will be the presence of Secretary of Defense designate James Mattis.  He has been described as the warrior monk and is also a keen scholar of military history and strategy.  Insight into Mattis’ thinking on military matters is provide by Michael Valenti’s The Mattis Way of War:  An Examination of Operational Art in Task Force 58 and 1st Marine Division   published by Fort Leavenworth’s Army Press.  Various U.S. armed services branches also publish a variety of scholarly journals which I read on a regular basis and commend to readers interested in military affairs.  These journals produce variegated perspectives on military and international affairs issues and include:

Air and Space Power Journal
Strategic Studies Quarterly  (Both of these journals are produced by the Air Force’s Air University Press.
Naval War College Review
Parameters (produced by the U.S. Army War College)

The NSC Staff:  New Choices for a New Administration by R.D. Hooker is a recently published work from National Defense University Press providing insights to policy issues confronting incoming NSC Director Mike Flynn and his staff.  I also recommend hearings, reports, and studies prepared by the U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission.  Special kudos to the Benghazi Committee report produced by Rep. Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee for comprehensively documenting this catastrophic Obama Administration fiasco and coverup.

Sadly, governments often produce rhetoric and documents so appalling that they must be noted.  Yesterday’s anal droppings by Beacon Hill Bumpkin John Kerry on Israeli settlement policy and his hallucinogenic belief in a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinean solution symbolize the Obama  Administration’s failed and disgraceful  foreign and national security policies and the cataclysmic results of “leading from behind”.  I found particular mirth in Sebastian Gorka’s comment on Fox and Friends this morning that Kerry probably doesn’t know the day of the week.

Turning to more edifying government information resources, this year saw the British electorate throw off the shackles of the European Union.  The UK is now in the complicated process of extricating itself from burdensome Brussels and the House of Commons Library has prepared a series of ongoing reports on the multifaceted implications of Brexit.  I also recommend reading Air Power Review produced three times a year by the Royal Air Force’s Centre for Air Power Studies and works by the Ministry of Defence’s Development, Doctrine, and Concepts Centre for insightful geopolitical and strategic forecasting.

Traveling to the antipodes, this year saw Australia’s Government produce some interesting resources.  The 2016 Defence White Paper and accompanying volumes on finance and Australian defense industry capabilities detailed Australia’s military and strategic priorities going into the future.  You can read my analysis of this work and its historical predecessors here.  Australian military forces also produce the following useful journals  Australian Army Journal and Australian Defence Force Journal.

The advent of a new U.S. administration brings with it the hope that the quality of governmental policy thought and analysis will improve significantly as the Obama-Clinton cabal sinks down the Stygian sewer it came from.



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