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Trump Protests: The “Great Fear” Erupts


Donald Trump’s presidency has begun and the leftist waling and teeth gnashing continues unabated.  Saturday a plethora of social media organized marches against Trump’s presidency occurred in Washington, DC and other locales including my community of Lafayette.  Some of these protests were violent resulting in police being injured and property destroyed.  These protests are reminiscent of the Great Fear which occurred in France during the summer of 1789 as a series of peasant riots occurred out of a mistaken belief that forces loyal to ousted monarch Louis XVI were seeking to regain power

A similar mindset is present in yesterday’s protests and others which may occur in forthcoming days and weeks.  The power of the perpetual victim narrative in leftist group identify politics is so pervasive that the hard core social justice warriors and delusional nymphs of these protests actually believe that the Trump Administration is going to engage in wholesale repression of them.  I was particularly saddened to see that some 8 year old child attending a “rally” in Lafayette was spouting the inane cliched leftist drivel his alleged parents were mouthing.  These “parents” should not be surprised when this budding Stalinist denounces them for all sorts of ideological impurities when he reaches adolescence.  Such drivel from these protestors includes the infantile   verbal ejaculation “Love Trumps Hate” which actually means perversion triumphs over virtue.  Ululating protestors engaged in their instinctive denunciations against the meaningless tropes of racism, bigotry, Islamophobia, capitalism, homophobia, hate, and other vapidities of leftist social justice warriors.

Washington, DC featured a so-called women’s march which showed its fallacious commitment to diverse viewpoints by excluding a contingent of pro-life women from its ranks.  Such behavior further demonstrates the talismanic hold abortion holds over leftist women’s political worldview and how those who actually care about the rights of the unborn are not wanted in many segments of what constitutes women’s political discourse.

While it is known that Donald Trump has sometimes engaged in uncouth rhetoric toward women, it is very revealing and hypocritical that these feminist protestors did not denounce similar behavior from leftist Democratic politicians as varied as the Kennedy’s, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, and Christopher Dodd who repeatedly engaged in drunken fraternity brother behavior toward women.  Did these female protestors denounce members of their “sisterhood” who got drunk or high on drugs impairing themselves and making themselves vulnerable to sexually predatory behavior?  Of course not!  In their eyes, social justice warriors are always in the right against mythical constructs of “institutional racism,” “entrenched sexism”, and “systemic bias”.

These protests will be one of the many tests the Trump Administration will face in upcoming weeks and months.  The administration must remain firm in its desire to implement necessary economic and social reforms to improve our national well-being and societal cohesion.  It must not let itself get distracted by fawning leftist media coverage over these spoiled narcissistic brats who are congenitally incapable of uttering a coherent intellectual thought or presenting credible policy programs outside of infantile leftist babbling points.

The protestors are actually their own worst enemies.  Destroying property and engaging in profane language is not the way to get public opinion on your side.  Such protests only harden the convictions of those of us who are tired of the poisonous rhetoric and content of group identity politics which has poisoned our country in recent years.  Hopefully, the Trump Adminstration will repeatedly emphasize the importance of American adhering to the national motto of “E Pluribus Unum” which means “out of many one” as the key to healing our fractured polity.  We must become a nation of confident and empowered individuals seeking to reach our God-given potential instead of a bunch of petulant victimized crybabies thinking we’re entitled to everything because we may be members of a group which has experienced hostile rhetoric or action at some time.  Successful nations are built and sustained on individuals with virtue instead of petulant losers.


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