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Trump’s First Week: A Promising Start


The first week of Donald Trump’s presidency has gotten off to a promising start.  He made a succinct inaugural address promising to place America first in his administration’s policymaking objectives.  Contrary to the isolationist historical connotations of this phrase which Trump’s leftist critics have harrumphed about, putting America first, or any national leadership of any country vowing to put their country first, is a common staple of governmental policymaking and political rhetoric.  It does not have the ethnocentric or “racist” connotations so entrenched in the fevered imaginations of leftist group identity politics apostles.

The administration let itself get unnecessarily distracted by how many people attended the inauguration.  Plenty of people attended, but the administration  should attack the leftist media when it inaccurately depicts administration policy.  I’m pleased with the executive orders and memorandum the administration has issued such far including restarting the Keystone and Dakota XL pipelines, limiting the scope of Obamacare, the executive branch hiring freeze which will exclude the military, and am also pleased the administration is seriously considering allowing enhanced interrogation of Islamists terrorists to occur again despite the howling of the apologists for these depraved individuals.

I disagree with the decision to pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  I am a committed free trader and I don’t think that negotiating individual free trade agreements with Asia-Pacific countries will be enough to keep China from imposing coercive economic influence on these countries which could be contrary to our national economic and strategic interests.  However, I am heartened that the Trump Administration is planning on negotiating bilateral trade agreements with other countries, including the United Kingdom, which will be mutually beneficial to our interests and those of  allied countries we negotiate such agreements with.

It was also good to see the positive first meeting between President Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May.  Negotiating a free trade agreement with the UK should be one of our first priorities to help Britain as it pursues Brexit.  As an anglophile, it is also gratifying to see the bust of Winston Churchill returned to the Oval Office from which it was shamefully banished by the anti-colonialist Barack Obama.

I’m also pleased to see we have an administration which supports the right to live of unborn children and to hear Vice-President Pence speak at the March for Life in Washington on Friday.  Hopefully, this upcoming week will see more Trump cabinet secretaries confirmed by the Senate and the Democrats stopping their infantile procedural procrastination which has unnecessarily delayed these confirmations including the highly necessary confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.  Defense Secretary Mattis’ forthcoming visit to Japan and South Korea this week should also be a signal that the U.S. is serious about increasing its military commitment to the western Pacific and intends to support our allies in that region as they strive to enhance their military capabilities against Chinese attempts to dominate these waters.  We also can look forward to seeing whom Trump nominates to fill Justice Scalia’s position on the Supreme Court and hope this individual will be a stalwart strict constructionist like Scalia and began the process of tilting the court into a more conservative position.



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