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Betsy Devos’ Ordeal


It took a historically unprecedented tie breaking vote from Vice-President Mike Pence, but Betsy Devos is FINALLY the Secretary of Education!  She has had to endure a sadistic kabuki theater ritual of verbal abuse from Senate Democrats, two wayward Republicans, and the public education establishment.  Devos’ “sin,” in the eyes of these plutocrats, is supporting the right of all children and adults to choose the form of education they wish to receive. Her critics have accused her of not being “qualified” to be Secretary of Education when what they mean is she doesn’t genuflect before the monopolist public education cognoscenti.

I have personally been the beneficiary of both public and private education.  I attended a private nursery school, public elementary schools, junior high, and high school, a private evangelical Christian university for my undergraduate work, and earned masters degrees from two public universities.  I have been employed as a faculty member at two different public universities in Texas and Indiana.  My late father was a chemistry teacher in a public high school and a member of a teacher’s union.  My mother spend most of her career as an professor at two different private Christian universities while also doing some teaching at a public school near her central Kentucky birthplace. For me educational choice, is a vital prerequisite for personal education enrichment and societal success.  Anglospheric countries such as Australia and Canada have been able to integrate government financial support for religious institutions into their education policymaking frameworks without the “ominous” specter of theocracy.

In an ideal world, our public schools would meet the needs of all American students.  We don’t live in an ideal world, however.  Judeo-Christian morality has broken down due to repeated secularist encroachments.  This has had an adverse affect on the heterosexual two parent family structure which is foundational to societal success in ALL countries.  Two many public schools, particularly in large heavily Democratic cities, have become factories for failure with corrupt administrators, incompetent teachers, students from dysfunctional families who are unable or unwilling to learn, and have felt the spillover effect of violent crime from a society which excuses criminal behavior with lame rationalizations about systemic injustice and a mythical institutionalized racism.

As Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos has the opportunity to reinstate the Jude0-Christian moral foundations responsible for American economic, educational, and social success.  A first step she can do is quit using the Education Department as a coercive mechanism for imposing gender neutral bathrooms.  She can also rescind the infamous “Dear Colleague” letter of the Obama Administration which said colleges could effectively investigate sexual assault cases without ensuring due process for the accused and without colleges having personnel trained in proper criminal justice investigation procedures.  Hopefully, Devos can also work to ensure that universities become citadels of unfettered intellectual discussion and debate by removing the carcinogenic stench of group identify politics and diversity apparatchiks which have plagued campuses since the 1960s.

The Education Department has been around for nearly four decades and it is difficult to think of anything tangible this department has done to improve American students educational performance.  I share the general belief of most conservatives that education is best handled by individuals states but also believe that Americans must be able to compete on an international economic and educational playing field and am open to the possibility of a truly constructive government role in this regard which is consistent with conservative and Judeo-Christian normative standards.

Unfortunately, Senate Democrats have become completely unhinged by Devos and the reality that America’s top education policymaker does not grovel before teachers unions and public education monopolists. Of the 50 Senators who voted against Devos, 40 (80%) went to at least one private college or university for their undergraduate or graduate education.  Some Senators, such as California’s Dianne Feinstein, went to a Catholic HIgh School.  Private universities attended by Devos’ critics range from Lewis & Clark Law School and Gonzaga University Law School to Harvard, Yale, Notre Dame, and the University of Chicago.  Ironically, the Senator attending this center of free market economics was Socialist Bernie Sanders.  Indiana Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly is a Notre Dame graduate and once served on the school board of Mishawaka Marian high school which is a Catholic school near his residence of Granger in suburban South Bend.  Undoubtedly, most of these Senators would send their children to private elementary and secondary schools, as well as universities, if they desired to.  However, they are so puffed up with arrogance and teachers union campaign contributions, that they deem themselves worthy to be the arbiters of whether less fortunate and affluent children can choose which school they attend.  Their hypocrisy has no limits!

Critics of Devos such as New Hampshire “Senator” Maggie Hassan have launched scurrilous secularist attacks against Devos’ Christian faith and because, “quelle horreur”, she has contributed money to organizations supporting traditional views of sexuality.  They have also falsely claimed that she is not concerned with the education of disabled children because she failed to adroitly address the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act during her confirmation hearing.  These Senate Democrats wasted 24 hours  of Senate debate attempting to thwart Devos’ confirmation while also delaying the confirmation debate and votes on the nominations of the Attorney General, EPA Administrator, Secretaries of Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and Treasury, Directors of National Intelligence and Office of Management and Budget, and other critical government policymaking positions.  This procrastinating procedural delays by Senate Democrats represent the longest collective infantile crying spasm in human history.

I’m confident Devos will do a good job as Education Secretary despite the somewhat poisoned chalice she has been handed by her Senate opponents.  She is a gracious woman who is more concerned with students educational welfare and growth than in pandering to the obstructive and self-serving behavior of public education monopolists who seek to ensure that students and their families remain dependent on governmental largesse.  The intellectual and moral bankruptcy of her critics has been on ugly display during the sordid debate over her confirmation.



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