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Elizabeth Warren and the Politics of “Civility.”


There was much fluttering in the leftist chattering classes when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell used Senate Rule 19 to sanction Massachusetts “Senator” Elizabeth Warren during debate over former Senator Jeff Session’s nomination to be Attorney General.  Such fluttering reveals the extremely selective self-righteousness Democrats engage in on the subject of the status of political civility and public debate in our country.

Nearly 30 years ago, the late and unlamented “Senator” Ted Kennedy denounced President Reagan’s nomination of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court with obscene and false rhetoric that Bork would reinstate segregation and force women to have back alley abortions.  Promoting the leftist perpetual victim vision of criminal justice and legal policy has been a shameful characteristic of the Democrats and the political left for nearly five decades.  This has worsened during the Obama era and in the initial weeks of the Trump Administration.

When Sessions was nominated for a federal judgeship in 1986, his race hustling opponents in the Democratic Party brought up scurrilous and false allegations that he was a “racist.” This term is a constantly invoked concept used by the political left to demonize anyone not adhering to their perpetual victim mentality and constant class warfare view of racial politics.  Unfortunately, Sessions judicial nomination was defeated.  Providentially, God had other plans for him and became Alabama’s U.S. Senator for 20 years and is now Attorney General.

Despite serving in the Senate with Sessions for over four years, Warren who is a venom encrusted hag, sought to brought up false “racism” charges against Sessions during the confirmation hearings.  She claimed that comments made Coretta Scott King against Sessions over thirty years ago were worthy of receiving uncritical acceptance today.  Fortunately, Senator McConnell,with a masterful understanding of Senate parliamentary procedure, justifiably silenced the affirmative action fraudster.  It’s a shame she cannot be silenced more often because her despicable adherence to group identity politics is one of the factors poisoning political debate and the confidence Americans have in our political system.  Massachusetts voters will hopefully get a chance in next year’s U.S. Senate election for their commonwealth to defeat Warren and return her to the reservation of political failure and mediocrity where she belongs.

Comity in American political debate will not be restored until Democrats quit engaging in group identity politics and start focusing on the vitally important role of individual moral responsibility and intellectual substance in their political stances. Demagogic charlatans like Warren deserve to be marginalized!   I look forward to Jeff Sessions having an outstanding tenure as Attorney General where he will focus on helping victims of crime and law enforcement personnel while vigorously prosecuting and punishing those perpetrating criminal and terrorist acts according to constitutional and statutory requirements.


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