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Trump Tax Hysteria


The recent passing of the day Americans are supposed to have paid their income taxes has seen the occurrence of a new version of leftist political hysteria and hypocrisy which has  outlasted the 2016 presidential campaign.  During this campaign Republican nominee and eventual winner Donald Trump went against standard political practice by refusing to release his income tax returns.  Trump contended that he was being audited and that consequently releasing his tax returns would not be wise.

If I were a candidate for political office, I would release my tax returns though I don’t think tax returns are that revealing about an individual’s financial status.  However, Trump’s refusal to release his income tax returns have generated infantile hysteria among leftist nitwits who still have not come to grips with the reality of his election.  There is currently no law requiring presidential candidates to release their income tax returns.  Currently, a number of leftist state legislatures have introduced legislation purporting to mandate that Trump release his tax returns.  All of these attempts are a waste of time and destined to fail constitutionally.

This hysteria is linked to  the Russian conspiracy delusions harbored by leftist nitwits as being responsible for Hillary Clinton’s defeat and  Trump’s victory.  A conspiratorial paranoid interviewed on TV recently during a Tax Day protests responded to an interviewers question asking what he thought was in Trump’s returns.  Instinctively, this dimwit responded “Russia.”  This fool needs to know that Trump’s tax returns will not contain information about financial contributions his company may have received from Russia.

Trump’s leftist critics would have a little more credibility on these issues if they had not politicized the IRS during the Obama Administration or engaged in the infantile “reset” policy during this same administration which helped contribute to a reassertion of Russian geopolitical power in areas as varied as Syria and Ukraine.  While Republican presidential administrations in recent decades have not been immune to mirror imaging Russian values into western values, they have had a far more realistic understanding of Russian behavior than Democratic presidential administrations.

It would also be nice to ask dimwits clamoring for Trump to release his tax returns whether they would be willing to publicly post their tax returns on the Internet.  I doubt many of them will take me up on this generous offer.  It shows you how bankrupt the political left is that they can only engage in infantile paranoia while the Trump Administration is beginning to reassert U.S. military credibility against Syria and ISIS while also signaling North Korea, China, and Russia that the days of “leading from behind” are a bad memory.


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