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Health Care Histrionics


The recent passage by the House of legislation repealing Obamacare took a lot of effort and faces an uncertain fate in the Senate.  Individuals can present different perspectives on the quality of this legislation. Whatever happens to it in the Senate and in subsequent legislation in the House, we are, hopefully, beginning to see the end of the monstrosity of Obamacare and the beginning of a more market oriented, patient-centric, and moral form of health care.

Judging by the hysterical rhetoric of Obamacare acolytes in government and in certain sectors of public opinion, you would think the four horseman of the apocalypse had been unfurled by the House’s action.  There have been numerous bogus charges of grievous harm that would come to public health and societal-well being as a result of this action.  Charges such as people will die, that preexisting conditions will no longer be covered, that people will go without insurance, and that this is a sign of moral bankruptcy have been spouted by apologists for single-payer health care.  It’s a sign of how far we’ve fallen as a country, that the provision of government provided health care is considered the sole barometer of our moral value.

First things first!  People are going to die anyway regardless of whether they have government provided health insurance or various forms of private sector health insurance.  That’s just a plain and simple fact of life determined by divine providence.  It is sad that so many people in our country expect the government to provide for all of their material needs from conception to death.  There are ample opportunities for individuals to use their God-given intelligence to find affordable health insurance which meets the medical needs of themselves and their families without violating their personal religious or moral beliefs.  A key prerequisite of any policy affecting health care is how well it empowers individuals, families, and medical personnel to meet their health care requirements.   It is not how it empowers government and totalitarian bureaucratic apparatchiks who presume that they alone possess the requisite enlightenment to determine the health care needs for over 300 million Americans.

We should not seek to expand Medicaid which has significant service quality and delivery flaws.  As a society we must work to live healthy lifestyles as possible, beginning planning in our early working careers by saving money to meet our health care needs, develop procedures for training and sensibly regulating health care providers, and accepting the ultimate reality of natural death as part of God’s ordained plan for our lives instead of clinging to the delusional belief that we are entitled to live forever.

Today, my mother celebrates her 91st birthday.  I am grateful for the values she imparts to me and that she and my late father made efforts to save money for their final years. However, she is becoming physically weaker and needs nearly round the clock care from caregivers and other family members.  I pray God will enable me and other family and friends to enjoy additional time interacting with her but accept that physical life does not last forever.  As the Senate and House consider health care legislation, they should focus on encouraging individuals, families, and society to take responsibility for their lives, prudently plan for the future, and accept the inescapable reality that even the best intentioned federal government cannot effectively meet their health care requirements.


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