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Pull the Plug on the Russian Investigation


As part of the annual legislative branch appropriations act, Congress funds its multiple activities including congressional committee investigations.  Such investigations can often serve as useful oversight mechanisms and provide revealing insights into the failures and government programs and agencies.  Unfortunately, these committee investigations can sometimes result in beating dead horses and spitting into a ferocious headwind.

The investigation into mythical Russian collusion into the 2016 presidential election falls into these two aforementioned categories and needs to be ended.  It has become a talismanic article of faith among the secularist Democratic Party that Russian computer hacking produced the “illegitimate” election of Donald Trump as President.  The multiple failures of Hillary Clinton as a candidate and campaigner, which are the real reason for Trump’s election, have been been covered ad nauseam in this blog and in other forums.

The continuing refusal of Democrats to accept this unpleasant reality has seen them engaged in infantile hysteria and paranoia comparable to the 17th century’s Salem Witch Trials.  This has even brought in some Republicans as numerous congressional committees have held hearings that have jumped like a leap frog from Russian hacking of Democratic National Committee computers, to the firing of congenital leaking FBI Director James Comey, to suddenly emerging claims that Russian hackers targeted voting systems in 39 states.

No tangible evidence has been found to verify these histrionic ululations.  No mythical obstruction of justice by Trump or other administration officials has occurred and calls for impeachment (which only represents an indictment) have been repeatedly uttered by the hard left dimwits of the Democratic Party and the urgings of their resistance obsessed base.  Still officials as varied as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, DNI Director Dan Coats, and numerous other officials have been called before hysterical congressional Democrats to tell these nitwits that they were not pressured by President Trump to withhold evidence that would implicate him in this mythical Russian collusion.  Sessions gave a smash mouth performance before the Senate Intelligence Committee today and stuck it to Oregon Senator Ron Wyden (herein Whinein) who is particularly obsessed with the Russian conspiracy fantasy.  (I hope Whinein is under regular surveillance from the NSA as part of Section 702 of the FISA Act.)  Coats demonstrated remarkable Christian forbearance with the stupid questions he had to put up with from a number of his former Senate colleagues.

There are plenty of Russian behaviors Congress should investigate.  These include the repression of freedom occurring at recent demonstrations which have occurred at various time during the Putin Presidency, Russia’s military buildup and its aggressiveness in the Arctic, Ukraine, the Baltic Republics, its aiding and abetting the criminal Assad regime in Syria, it’s increasingly close ties with China, it’s close ties with Iran, its avowed advocacy of using nuclear weapons being a key part of it’s military doctrine, its shadowing the planes and ships of U.S. and allied countries in international waters, and its efforts to use cyberwar to interfere with the military capabilities of the U.S. and its allies.

Medical science tells us that fevers eventually break.  How much more taxpayer dollars and time must be wasted on the infantile Russian/Trump election collusion hysteria while other more important issues in the bilateral Moscow-Washington relationship get pushed to the side?  These investigatory charades into purported Russian collusion with Trump’s 2016 campaign must be defunded and Congress must turn to more important domestic and international relations policymaking matters.



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